Episode 43: Breaking Free Of The Narcissist: Maegan From The Secret Garden Podcast

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How can an abuse advocate not recognize the red flags of abuse in her own relationships? Well, it happened to Maegan, from The Secret Garden Podcast. She shares her experiences in the emergency room of comforting sexual assault victims and ensuring that the collection of evidence is completed accurately. Find out what the connection is with the show Law & Order! Maegan reveals what is the process during a rape kit and what happens to the kit afterwards, and how we can advocate for ourselves and our loved ones during this traumatic time. We also discuss what are the characteristics of a narcissist and how a narcissist does not think like everyone else. We end with Maegan’s own harrowing story of her ex husband and dating tips for breaking free of the grip that the narcissist has over us. Don’t miss this episode with Maegan!


Maegan became certified by the New York department of health in 2008 as a crisis and trauma intervention specialist.

 As a volunteer first responder for sexual and domestic violence victims in the Emergency Room at Mount Saini Hospitals in NYC, Maegan has seen and mentored over 150 cases.

She received The Lydia Martinez Multi-Disciplinary award given by The New York Alliance Against Sexual Assault and Joyful Heart Foundation for outstanding service as a volunteer advocate in 2011.

Maegan created The Divine Self in 2019 after three years of extensive research on Narcissism and surviving a very serious domestic violent relationship where she almost lost her life.

 Maegan has become an expert on trauma bonding and helping survivors of Narcissistic abuse and domestic violence break the cycle of abuse to be able to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The Divine Self started as a YouTube video that quickly became a coaching business for Maegan. Maegan just launched her podcast The Secret Garden to dive deeper into the topic of abuse and empowering survivors to begin to explore their toxic relationships with narcissists. 

As mentioned in the podcast, if you or someone you care about is the victim of domestic or sexual violence, you can reach out confidentially to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). http://www.rainn.org

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