Episode 43: Breaking Free Of The Narcissist: Maegan From The Secret Garden Podcast

Diana WinklerDomestic Violence, Health, Physical Violence, sexual abuse, sexual assault

How can an abuse advocate not recognize the red flags of abuse in her own relationships? Well, it happened to Maegan, from The Secret Garden Podcast. She shares her experiences in the emergency room of comforting sexual assault victims and ensuring that the collection of evidence is completed accurately. Find out what the connection is with the show Law & Order! Maegan reveals what is the process during a rape kit and what happens to the kit afterwards, and how we can advocate for ourselves and our loved ones during this traumatic time. We also discuss what are the characteristics of a narcissist and how a narcissist does not think like everyone else. We end with Maegan’s own harrowing story of her ex husband and dating tips for breaking free of the grip that the narcissist has over us. Don’t miss this episode with Maegan!