Hello, My name is Diana Winkler. I am an empowerment speaker specializing in healing from domestic violence and abuse.


Subject Matter Expert on Domestic Violence

As someone with first hand experience with abuse, it is a topic I am very passionate about. As a trained facilitator for Mending The Soul and Princess Lost, Princess Found Groups, I am dedicated to educating and empowering people on how to heal from all kinds of abuse. I have consulted with victims and helped them escape from their abusers. I regularly volunteer at the local women's shelters. I also train organizations on how to handle abuse or domestic violence.

Topics I cover:

  • The common denominator of all abuse is not hitting.
  • How domestic violence affects children's health and development.
  • Men are victims of abuse too.
  • How can I (or someone I care about) escape from an abusive relationship?
  • How you can heal from domestic violence, abuse, and trauma.

Houses of Worship

Unfortunately, domestic violence and abuse are present in our churches. Being in ministry over the last 25 years, I am uniquely qualified to speak about abuse within the Body Of Christ. I have been a part of 26 various churches and ministries, and I have seen more abuse than I cared to see.

I earned a Bachelor's degree from Fairfax Baptist Temple Missions Academy, assisted in planting churches in Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, as well as, short term mission trips to Canada, Puerto Rico, and France. Abuse is not a respecter of international boundaries, language or culture.

I saw children as victims of domestic violence when I served in the bus ministry. Serving in the Spanish ministry for many years gave me an understanding of their culture and how they have suffered abuse. When I was on staff at a church, I witnessed a lot of abuse going on as well.

Presentation Topics include:

  • How to help one of your members who is a victim of abuse at home.
  • How to effectively handle abuse that occurs within church leadership.
  • How to reduce the occurrence of abuse from happening in your church.
  • How to protect your church's reputation while protecting abuse victims.
  • How to heal from domestic violence and abuse.

I am available to speak at your church event/service, provide custom workshops for your congregation, or train your staff/volunteers. Zoom events are available as well.


What Is Unique About My Presentations?


All of my speaking events have the option to include inspirational music in my talks. Music is a powerful way to communicate truths about difficult topics. I customize my songs to match your event and theme to create a memorable experience. I have options to fit your event budget, so please contact me for a quote.

You can also set up a 30 minute Zoom meeting with me here to discuss your event.

Women's Events

All my presentations are perfect for: Women's Conferences, Retreats, and Teen Events.

Presentation Topics:

  • Strategies for teens on abuse and date rape.
  • How to spot an abuser before it's too late.
  • Healing from domestic violence and abuse.


Would you like someone to present a workshop to your employees or associates at your organization? I educate and train on various topics:

  • Cultural awareness of domestic violence in healthcare settings.
  • Helping domestic violence victims in your workplace.
  • How to train your staff to  recognize and respond appropriately to abuse situations.
Diana Winkler singer, songwriter, speaker, domestic violence advocate

What You Can Expect when You Hire Me For Your Event

  • Thorough preparation for your unique event.
  • My attention, passion and energy.
  • Engaging with your audience.
  • Arriving early and adhering to presentation time limits.
  • Prompt, clear communication with you at all times.
  • High standards of personal conduct.
  • Customizing my talk to your audience's individual needs.
  • Always family friendly and professional talks.
  • Affordable rates to meet your budget.

Please email me to discuss how I can make your event a success!


What Others Are Saying:

Diana Winkler is a Great Spokesperson and Advocate against Domestic Violence.

"Diana Winkler is a woman who is dedicated in a wide range of ministries.  God has given her the gift of songwriting.  She is professionally trained in various areas of music.  She is anointed to sing songs of worship and praise.

With heartfelt concern and sincere compassion, Diana reaches out to those who are hurting and torn by abuse in any form. Diana is a true source of vital information on domestic violence and abuse.  Her personal and powerful testimony on how the Lord sustained and blessed her to survive is amazing. Women and men who are abused and going through domestic violence will greatly benefit from her experiences and great knowledge that she painfully obtained from being trapped by her abuser. Diana is an overcomer of many years of verbal and emotional abuse. Today, Diana speaks about what happened behind closed doors.   

I am thankful that I had the opportunity to feature Diana  Winkler’s story and victorious testimony in my publication, The Lamp Newsletter.  It is an international newsletter.  This is our 11th year (since 2008) of publication.  I have staff in The United States of America, the UK-London, England and Australia.

Diana also has been my featured guest twice on my radio program, RESTORE! RESTORE! Ministry.  She gave an outstanding and extremely insightful presentation in 2017 and 2018.  She made a great impression on the listening audience.  Lives were changed and empowered by what Diana shared on air.  Restore! Restore! Ministry broadcasts on the second Sunday of each month.  It is heard around the world on Tribe Family Channel.  Author Ramelle T. Lee and Elder Rodger Palm, also highly-esteems Diana for her courage and faith in God to bring her through."

God bless you,

Wanda J. Burnside, Founder and President

Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions, International

The Lamp Newsletter

RESTORE! RESTORE! Radio Outreach Ministry