Episode 35: PTSD Of First Responders: Norm Wielsch

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Is there a difference between combat PTSD and First Responder PTSD? According to my guest, Norm Wielsch, your body recognizes them as the same thing. In my conversation with Norm, we hear about his father fighting during WWII and losing almost his entire family during the bombings. True to his father’s generation and culture, he never spoke about his war trauma. Fast forward to Norm’s service as a police officer, when he was diagnosed with a painful disease. We talk about how he went down the slippery slope with painkillers, hiding his condition with fellow police officers, and making poor choices. Find out what happens when he gets sent to prison, the lessons he’s learned, and what God was doing in his heart through it all. Norm offers real and practical solutions for those suffering from PTSD.

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I was a agnostic police officer for over 25-years. I was exposed to many traumatic incidents. I was diagnosed with PTSD. Then I was diagnosed with an incurable debilitating neuro-muscular disease. I had over 25 surgeries in ten years. I was prescribed opioids for the pain. I soon began to abuse the opioids to relieve the negative emotions of PTSD. Then my daughter was diagnosed with liver tumors. This placed me in a downward spiral that led me to make some very poor decisions that led me to a 14-year prison sentence. Though divine intervention, my daughter and I were healed. I spent over 8 years in Federal prison where I taught how God heals PTSD. In prison, I obtained a masters degree in Theology and Counseling, then a doctorate in Christian Counseling. I went on to become a Registered Addiction Counselor, and am in process of becoming a Chaplain with the Assemblies of God Church. If you allow Him to so, God WILL change your mistakes and traumatic events into good. I am a great example of God’s love.

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