EP 86: The Healing Power Of Drum Therapy: Dori Staehle

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What in the world is drum therapy? Is it the same as a drum lesson? Are drums effective as a healing tool? Are drums evil or ungodly? We will find out with my guest Dori Staehle, a Certified Drum Therapist! This is going to an informative and FUN interview as we hear her amazing story of healing from a traumatic accident, and how she has helped people improve their health and lives! My husband Brian will also be co-hosting with me today, so don’t miss out!

Dori’s Bio:

A freak accident in 2011 sent my life into a tailspin. I later decided that I didn’t want to just move onto the next stage of my life, I wanted to rock it – and help others do the same. It was my hobby of drumming that changed everything. It’s fast, safe, effective, interactive, science-based, very easy, and loads of fun – with a dash of rock!

I’ve created customized programs and techniques that meet the client’s or organization’s goals. I provide hand drums for in-person classes and events. For virtual classes and events, you can drum on whatever you have. Private clients receive a djembe drum that I ship directly to you (US clients only).

What can drum therapy do for you? How about:
*Reduce stress
*Improve clarity and focus
*Improve coordination
*Boost your memory
*Improve overall health
*Reduce hyperactivity and ADHD issues
*Boost productivity and confidence
*Improve team communication and performance
*And much more!

I became certified with the internationally-known Drums and Disabilities Program and I have specialized training with Health Rhythms. I began creating my own techniques, based on the client’s or group’s needs and formed Next Stage Drumming. I specialize in Christian creatives, entrepreneurs, and female leaders but I’ve worked with all ages, including seniors and special needs.

Drumming can be combined with an inspiring talk, a workshop or retreat, or a corporate team-building, health and wellness, or empowerment program. I also have a drum ministry for teens and adults, and I’m a percussionist and Toca Percussion artist.

My bounce-back story plus tips are featured in my best-selling book, “Find Your Divine Rhythm: A Creative’s Success Formula” ( http://amzn.to/1NYTMYP ). My new book, “Rise Up & Rock: Activating Your God-Given Purpose” is now on Amazon ( https://amzn.to/36W7IV8 ).

Life’s short! It’s time to rise up and rock!

For booking or questions, contact me at 919-906-7842 or dori@nextstagedrumming.com.

Specialties: Drum therapy, drumming programs, Christian entrepreneurs, female leaders, therapeutic drumming, health and wellness, team building, youth empowerment, ADHD, giftedness, at-risk youth, Christian speaker

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