Episode 6: Sgt.(Ret)Doug Setter: How Not To Be A Victim

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Today’s guest on the show is Doug Setter who gives us some advice on how NOT to be a victim in today’s world. He starts sharing about his background in the military, his martial arts training, and the inspiration for his book, One Less Victim. He weaves stories of abuse and PTSD that are all too common in the military with his own tale of escaping the clutches of a pedophile. He ends with giving us practical safety tips that listeners can incorporate into their lives right now. Join us for this informative episode.

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About Doug Setter

Doug Setter is an award winning author who draws on his background, education and vast life experience to write books that change his readers lives. His work as a crime reporter, UN peacekeeping soldier, paratrooper and kick-boxing title champion inspired “One Less Victim: a crime prevention manual.” His background in nutrition and decades of fitness instruction experience along with overcoming his own injuries produced “Stomach Flattening.” Wanting to enjoy alcohol without destroying his health created “Reduce Your Alcohol Craving” and “Simple Secrets to Handle Your Alcohol Better: Student’s Edition. His first novel about crime and childhood bullying, “Selo” won first place Global eBook award for teen literature. When he is not writing, he spends his time training clients and enjoying the west coast. Doug lives in Vancouver, Canada.


website: 2ndwindbodyscience.com

Buy his book One Less Victim: A Crime Prevention Manual on Amazon

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