Episode 39: The Culty World Of The IFB Church: Will Hess: Part Two

Diana WinklerPhysical Violence

Will Hess continues the story of his life in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Church. He talks about getting married, transitioning out of the IFB, exposing a sexual abuse cover-up, and being manipulated as a pastor of his church. Will shares how to avoid false teachings, how to study the bible in context, and why you shouldn’t walk away from God after abuse. Part two of this interview is packed full of valuable information on how to discover the truths in the Bible and renew your relationship with God. Don’t miss it!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The King James Only Controversy by James R White

Authorized by Mark Ward

Dr William Lane Craig

Dr Gary Havermath

Trinity Radio

Connect with Will on his podcast The Chruch Split http://thechurchsplit.com/

BIO: A pastor and an apologetics nerd. Will wanted to start this podcast because of the Church Splits he had both witnessed and experienced. Having experienced first-hand division in the church over topics and issues where Biblical truth was pushed aside for opinions, Will saw a need to show Christians how to use the Bible not only to find truth, but to create unity in the Church. Will loves long-form podcasts and sees Christians craving for deep discussions on topics, pushing past the surface level arguments to truly discern what is the truth and why. What started as just a fun little hobby has turned into a ministry that Will pours his heart into.

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