EP 183: Does God Still Perform Miracle Through Us? Dr. David Chotka Part One

Diana WinklerDomestic Violence

We have Dave Chotka today, and he reached out to me, to come on the podcast and talk about, his background, his story growing up with an alcoholic father and, grandparents who were not believers. He was a pastor and, he has a wife that had MS and was healed from MS. I was interested in his story because he, took trips to Uganda to participate in these prayer services over there. Listen to his inspiring stories of hope and healing!


Rev. Dr. David Chotka is the Founder and Director of Spirit-Equip Ministries, a trans-denominational equipping ministry focused on developing spiritual disciplines. He is also the Chair of the Alliance Pray! Team (APT)–a ministry developed by the General Assembly of the C&MA Canada, to serve as a catalyst to develop prayer equipping resources and leading events across the movement and beyond. In addition, David has served as the Canadian director of the College of Prayer, Canada, a trans-denominational ministry dedicated to working with every stream of the Lord’s church to deepen ministries of intercession. Dr. David has led many prayer/deeper life events in differing contexts, including sacramental, evangelical and charismatic churches and trans-denominational gatherings of leaders (in Canada, the US, 6 nations in Europe, Australia, Japan, as well as in various nations in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America). He has studied in Sacramental, Reform, Brethren, Wesleyan Methodist, and trans-denominational contexts, and was mentored by Dr. Gordon Fee (Pentecostal), Dr. John White (Brethren/Anglican), Dr. Maxie Dunnam (Evangelical Methodist) and Rev. Danny Morris (Discernment Author and speaker). David has four earned degrees with three in Theology/Spirituality (M.Div. TST, Th.M. Regent College, Vancouver, D.Min. Gordon Conwell), and serves as an adjunct instructor in the Pathways School for ministry.


This link goes to the Book page of Spirit Equip Ministries. This page is important because it not only takes you to the books I have written but to other books that made profound marks on my walk as a Christian.

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