A Little Flamenco For You!

Diana WinklerMusic


Originally posted on March 25, 2012

I’ve been working on a new song for the next album. You may know the song already, Via Dolorosa.  I wanted to put a new spin on it and make the arrangement fresh and original, so I partnered up with my musician friend Chris Burton Jacome.

Chris is a flamenco guitarist, and a very good one at that. We did a jam session to decide what we wanted to do with the song, and then the following week, we did the recording of his guitar tracks. I am going to lay the vocals down later.

This is going to be all in Spanish for the album, but I am also going to do an English version that will be available in MP3 only.

I asked Chris if he would allow me to interview him, so you could learn all about him and his music. He graciously accepted. So, here is the link to watch the interview at your leisure. I am no Barbara Walters, but we had a lot of fun!


Here is also a video of him being featured on Cox Cable station.


The song will be finished soon, so stay tuned for the release!