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Domestic Violence



Women's Events

Missions has always had a prominent place in my heart. I earned a Bachelor's degree from Fairfax Baptist Temple Missions
Academy, which prepared me to be a missionary/church planter. I have assisted in planting new churches in Virginia,
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. I also went on short term mission trips to Canada, Puerto Rico, and France. I served in the bus ministry and the Spanish ministry for many years. I enjoy training people on  how to share their faith more
easily with others. When I was on staff at a church, I planned and organized missions conferences. Missions conferences are still one of my favorite events to be involved in!

I served as a Sunday School Teacher, Children's Church teacher, Bus Ministry Worker, Children's Choir Leader,
and Teen Group Leader for many years.
The youth of today is our future tomorrow!
I love encouraging, educating, and empowering youth to be the best of what God has planned for them.