My Review of Cowin E7 Pro Headphones

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My Review of the Cowin E7 Pro Headphones

These Headphones Are Awesome!

Just like most musicians, I am pretty obsessed with great music and sound. It is no exception when it comes down to leisurely listening to my favorite tunes. It all started when I was a kid. My Dad has these headphones that I would listen to all kinds of great music on. You know the kind. They were those huge green ones with a bit of weight to them. I looked like a helicopter pilot in them. I remembered how amazing the sound was in those things. My Dad always had the best tech gadgets. I listened to ABBA, Michael Jackson, Chicago, and Hooked On Classics on a regular basis.

As the years passed, the headphones got lighter with the Sony Walkman, which progressed to the very light airpods we see today. I never really cared for anything inside my ear canals. The earbuds kept falling out of my ears. I longed for the over the ear headphones when I was a kid. I saw some coworkers with some wireless ones, so I had my husband do a little research and find me a good pair.

I looked at the sweet Bose Headphones that were $500, but I didn't have that kind of budget. So, enter in the Cowin E7 Pro Headphones that my husband found. I was kind of tentative about trying a brand that I wasn't familiar with, but Amazon had good reviews on this product so I was willing to give them a try. And they were only $90, which were in my budget.

These Have Great Sound For A Great Price!

These headphones come in lots of colors, but my husband made a good call in getting me the classic black. When I took them out of the case, I really liked how they felt. It had a solid weight to them, and well built with quality materials, but still lightweight enough that it didn't distract you. I loved the soft foam ear cushioning. Comfortable enough to wear for my whole shift.

These headphones have incredible battery life. I have to charge my Bluetooth every 2 days. I listened to music at work all day for 2 weeks before I had to charge my new headphones. It gives you a little chirp when the time comes. It is easy to just to flip the switch to turn them on. You'll hear chimes going up to indicate it is connected to your phone. The chimes go down to power down. Having wireless is great. I will never go back to all those wires! On the outside of your earpiece, there is volume control, and forwarding to the next song with a touch of a button.

One of the reasons I wanted these headphones is to drown out the distracting noises of my coworkers. I wish I had gotten these sooner. They certainly drowned out all the noise and then some with awesome tunes on top of it. I find that I can focus on my tasks and enjoy my job more now than without the headphones. I am one happy camper...I mean worker lol. I will also be taking these on the plane to drown out any crying babies or loud talking adults!

One thing I would mention is to not wear these things running, walking or jogging outside. Be safe! You would not hear anyone approaching you nor will you be aware of any imminent dangers around you with headphones on. Enjoy the sounds of nature and be fully aware of your surroundings. Save headphones or earbuds for your treadmill indoors where it is safe.

The sound did not disappoint! I tried out some of my all time favorites the first day:

Joe Bonamassa(gospel/blues), Kansas(progressive), Journey(80's rock), Kathleen Battle(opera), Robert Alagna(opera), The Greatest Showman(musicals), Les Miserables(musicals), David Gilmour(jazz/art rock) Sandi Patty(Christian), and Leeland(Christian band). I enjoyed the panning of the different instruments. They have a full sound that made me notice some new subtle tidbits in the songs I hadn't heard before.

The headphones come with its own carrying case, but my husband bought me a different carrying case by co2Crea. The outside is black and the interior is purple, my favorite color. I like the velvety soft interior and the molded compartment to keep your headphones safe and clean. I drop everything, so the hard case is perfect for me. It also has a handy strap. If you want the case that comes with the headphones, it looks like a decent black case. It doesn't have the molded interior, but it will protect your headphones as designed.

I think that whatever your music genre of choice is, these would fit the bill. So if you're looking for comfort, long battery life, great sound for a reasonable price, give these Cowin E7 Pro headphones a try! Let me know how you like them!