Episode 67: How Do I Find A Job When Starting Over? Part One: Diana Alt

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“How can I leave my abuser when I don’t have a job or marketable job skills?” That is a common reason why victims stay with their abusers. My guest this week is Diana Alt, a career coach who is here to show us that we do have marketable skills and can have a career after starting over again. We cover important topics such as transferrable skills, finding confidence in yourself, imposter syndrome, workplace bullies and sexual harassment, and crafting your resume with volunteer work. This is Part One of a two part series of valuable content to help you start a new life!

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Resources mentioned:

Jordan Harbinger Free 6 Minute Networking Course



My review of her resume course  https://youtu.be/50ZZR1tqanY




Linkedin learning

YouTube University

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Diana’s Bio

Diana Alt is a career strategy
coach helping people navigate the corporate world and how they fit into it,
educate and guide them through the job search and hiring process, and most
importantly, take control of their careers, be valued, and get paid. 

Personally, Diana has been on both sides of the hiring table. She began her
corporate IT career just before the tech wreck of the early 2000s and had to
learn how to compete with people who had 10+ years of experience but were
willing to work for the same pay. After a few years, she became a hiring
manager, where she learned whoever markets themselves the best, gets the job.
She also learned that the company with the most success is the one with the
best leaders and culture. She now works with individuals and organizations to
make work awesome through her coaching, consulting, and training services.

Diana’s top (Clifton) Strengths are Input, Learner, Intellection, Maximizer,
and Connectedness.  Her top weaknesses are tacos and Diet Coke.

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