Episode 32: Poverty, Wealth, Addiction, Restoration: Dr. Joe Martin

Diana WinklerPhysical Violence

We have an incredible, unbelievable story for you today. This is the story of a man raised in the projects in Miami, Florida who rises to massive success and wealth by his mid twenties, only to lose it all to sexual addiction. Dr. Joe Martin very candidly shares his childhood, being raised by his alcoholic teen mother, the unbearable loss of his friends in his neighborhood, and suffering childhood sexual abuse. We talk about how he defies everyone’s expectations in college, graduating at the top of his class. Even with his great success, he never dealt with his past trauma and abuse, so that took him down a dark path of sexual addiction. The consequences were losing everything he had worked for. Find out he got right with God and his journey to restoration. He even has some great advice for the ladies on how we can support the men in our life. Today, Dr. Joe Martin has the #1 rated men’s podcast on Apple Podcasts, and for good reason. He helps men get victory over addictions, become the men God has called them to be, and inspiring leaders in their communities. Don’t miss this riveting episode!

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Dr. Joe Martin is an award-winning internationally-known speaker, author, professor, and certified “man builder” who helps men win at what matters and frustrates them most as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders.
He’s authored or co-authored more than nine books, including Man Accomplished!, Are You the Man?, and The Real Man Spiritual Leader Blueprint.  He’s also the host of the #1-rated podcast for Christian Men on Apple Podcasts (with more than 1.7 million downloads), and he’s interviewed more than 475 men from all over the world from company presidents to prison inmates.

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