Episode 19: Guest: Janell Wood: When You Doubt Your Faith In God

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We’re talking today about skepticism of Christianity, doubts about your faith, abandoning your faith, or never having your own relationship with Jesus at all. My guest today is Janell Wood, host of the podcast “Finding Something Real”, which she describes, is for seekers and believers needing encouragement. It’s for the believer struggling with faith and the skeptic struggling with doubt. Neither of us are apologetic experts. We are sitting here chatting about this topic to day as sisters in Christ, over our favorite beverage. We don’t have all the answers but we are having a honest, real conversation about why we believe in Jesus. We also talk about how to overcome the fear of sharing your faith with an unbeliever. It is ok to have questions or doubts about what we believe. The point is to talk about these things, don’t ignore them.

show notes:

FYI: Episode 18 is missing because a guest asked me to take the episode down because he had to go off line completely.


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Janell Wood loves to have conversations with young women about what it means to pursue loving God, imperfectly love others, and find what really matters in the midst of a chaotic world. Janell has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is passionate about using her home as a mission field. She is a writer, speaker, high school foreign exchange coordinator, and host of the “Finding Something REAL” podcast- a grace-filled journey for faith seekers and believers needing encouragement.

Here are some links that might be helpful: http://www.findingsomethingreal.com

https://www.janellmwood.com/series-study-guide (It’s a free resource for those who have questions about faith or want to talk with their friends about Christ.) Also, here is a link to my podcast co-host invitation. If you know a young woman who is questioning faith and she might be interested, please feel free to share. https://www.janellmwood.com/bemycohost


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